What does “Creative Concepts” mean?

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What is the first thing that you think of when you read or hear the name “Creative Concepts of NJ”? We already have our own ideas, but what about you: our clients and public?

More often than not, people ask us, “What is Creative Concepts?” or “What do you do?” Fortunately, I’m able to explain it.

In truth and in all reality, the moniker “Creative Concepts” is a catch-all name that tries to capture and embody what we sweat and bleed for like a net with large holes. To put it bluntly, we do so many activities, produce so many products and are constantly expanding aspects of our company that the name “Creative Concepts” is a bit general however it works for us because to name it something like “Creative Kitchens” would be too specific and work against us, limiting the company to being known for kitchens. We don’t just produce kitchen cabinets however it is among our specialties!

Without getting into superfluous detail, our company name was originated for the purpose of communicating the creative design element channeled through the artistic abilities and creative vision of our founder and senior executive, Tom Jonin. He’s always had a knack for seeing a space and knowing what it needs or what to do with it as well as hearing what our clients have to say. With good listening skills comes good explanations of what a client wants and needs. My father always manages to explain technical details in a simple way, which is the very assurance a client or industry professional needs to hear. In this fashion, he proves he knows what he is talking about.

This is where our slogan, “Where ideas grow” fits into place. We want to connect with you and learn about the details of your custom project in order help you fine tune it so you obtain what you are looking for. Short, simple and to the point.

It’s like this: you have an idea for a custom project? Great. As a family organization, we take your idea and transform it into a creative work of art through adroit planning and engineering. Then we build it to your EXACT specifications.

When it comes to hard work, an almost “microcosmic” attention to detail, technical perfection, build and finish quality—if I had to sum it all up in one phrase and if I were allowed to drag it through a field of my pride, I would say we are the ne plus ultra of American craftsmanship and ingenuity and we are what is commonly referred to as a turnkey operation. A “one-stop-shop”, if you will. We literally do it all, soup to nuts—and we’re great at it.

Here’s a quick overview: Once the design aspect is finished, we build it all for you, start to finish, using our production facility. This includes everything from hand selecting hardwoods, ordering in all of the materials, finishes and hardware, performing any primer and painting work, staining and finishing, door adjustments as well as packaging. It’s all done in-house. Once completed, we ship the completed work neatly and safely via our own truck, deliver the products ourselves into your home or commercial space, install it and finally, we clean up and arrange the scene the best we can without disturbing the interior environment too much in order to be photographed by our own staff.

This entire post may sound pompous but I can assure you it’s actually a shipload of experience, confidence and competence.

We are professionals. We’re not afraid to say that and there’s no question about it in our minds.

Some history for extended reading:

Tom, having achieved a thorough technical understanding through hard-won life experience and education (over 40 years) in various fields such as mechanical drawing, fabrication, designing, engineering, and installing custom cabinetry & furniture (which is only a summation for the purpose of this entry), he needed a name – a phrase, that would communicate and summarize what he was doing which was:

  1. Working with home owners who needed creative design solutions for their home improvement projects and
  2. After a signed contract, if deemed necessary, assisting design professionals or contractors with commercial spaces through engineering in the name of simplicity, practicality and precision, suggesting alterations of pre-existing ideas, plans and concepts for the cabinets including material selection, their structural design, lay outs, specifications concerning sizes, colors, hardware, finishes, etc.

Thus the name Creative Concepts of NJ was born.

So as you can see, the work Tom does as senior executive, chief designer, company estimator, website admin, head of qualifications division…his job is everything but simple however since he’s been in the game for so long—the game being a complexity in and of itself at one time—he became expert at simplifying complexities. This is the primary strength of CCNJ.

Through Tom’s processing of project complexities and job-related problems, he can quickly and effectively assess what is wanted and needed and come up with a clever solution. He’s not Batman and it doesn’t always happen at the snap of a finger, but given the time to properly assess the situation, a solution is always presented and it’s always highly logical, very simple and extremely workable.

Here’s a little example of what I mean: You know how there’s people out there who honestly try to make things simpler for themselves or other people but just end up adding in more complexity without even realizing it? That isn’t who we are. When we propose a solution to make things simpler, it actually happens and 9.9 times out of 10, the problem resolves. This makes working with us a breeze because we truly want things to be simpler for you. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Creative Concepts of NJ exists to make the process of customizing a space with new cabinets, built-ins, or mill-work very easy for you.


Constructing and installing cabinetry simplifies people’s lives because once there are cabinets to put things in and counters to put things on, a household or a space can be organized properly. More organization means more freedom and more freedom means more simplicity! Maintaining your household or company’s organized appearance is a whole other animal and we can’t help you with that!

Nevertheless, setting you up so you can, whether that means completely new cabinets, a re-face or remodel, that’s something we really excel at.

I hope this entry gave you a better understanding of what “Creative Concepts” means, who we are and what we’re all about. Please help us by commenting below and sharing this entry with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and wherever else it may be applicable.

Thank you.

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