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17 March, 2020
From: Creative Concepts of N.J. LLC
To: Our Valued Clients and Customers,

As we all work together to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus/Covid-19, we are confronted with new challenges unlike anything ever faced before. As with many other states, our governor has needed to make tough decisions. Which, will undoubtedly effect the lives of a great many people.

As a manufacturing company, we believe Creative Concepts of N.J. to be an essential business to our valued clients and customers. We’ve applied the guidelines of the “CDC Best Habits for Keeping the Workplace safe” to our manufacturing facility and office.

Creative Concepts of N.J. LLC will continue to work diligently to meet your production needs in the coming months. Our future will correlate side by side with the business demands of our clients and customers. We will make smart business decisions along the way to keep workloads even, produce the highest quality products, and deliver completed orders on time within our available hours. We do expect challenges, Which, we will with courage, face head-on.

I believe that we as a nation will work together to come through to a better place in the near future, better and stronger than ever.

CEO/Senior LLC member,

Thomas Jonin

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