10 Ways Custom Cabinet Shops Help Their Clients with Unique Cabinet & Woodworking Projects

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You’ve recently decided you need a change in your home, office or place of business. 

Maybe you decided or are considering redoing your kitchen, adding a new wall-unit or wet bar in your home. You may want to add space to your home by putting up an addition, possibly even renovating the coffee stations at your place of business or updating your home office. 

Ultimately, you have come to a crossroads in your need of cabinetry or millwork for that space.  You may feel a little perplexed or maybe even feel a bit confused as to how to go about tackling this problem. 

You have a very unique vision for outfitting your space with custom cabinetry or woodwork. You know what you want, but aren’t sure how to go about getting that vision. 

You’ve searched online and maybe have done some preliminary shopping. You’ve asked questions and some pieces of the puzzle have started to come together, but at this point, it’s a bit like trying to stick a square block into a round hole. 

Nothing seems to fit or work for your vision! 

That being said, you might be a little stressed out over the fact that the product or outcome you envision does not actually exist anywhere in the marketplace. You are perhaps considering giving up or have simply decided to make sacrifices that will compromise what you want.

Now, because the cost factor is important, you’ve likely considered using prefabricated stock products. However, you know there will be compromises to your vision and are generally unhappy with that idea because you’ve done your research and you know you get what you pay for. These products are just not a good fit for what you want.

Without further knowledge on how to solve the problem or who to contact, you’ll risk possible inaction or investment into products you may never be happy with. Or worse, if you’ve put up an addition or an expansion, not finding the right solution may result in you being stuck with a space that ends up becoming a catch-all for storage or collecting junk. 

Instead of being left with a feeling of having wasted your money, you might be thinking:

“In 10 years, I’ll just do it over again!” Or, “We’ll sell the place!” 

If you’ve “Been there, done that, don’t wanna do it again!”, you’ve come to the right place to solve the problem! 

Let’s review 10 ways custom cabinet shops help clients with unique cabinet or woodworking projects: 

1. They Can Ease Anxiety and Confusion

Realize first and foremost that custom cabinet shops & millwork professionals still exist and they’re here to help you get your vision mapped out and properly executed.

2. They Give You Assurance

Consulting with a professional shop allows you to obtain real and factual answers to your most burning questions by inviting them to your home or business to see and measure the space you want to outfit.

3. Help Increase Your Control

Get your ideas out for your design vision. Working with a custom cabinet or millwork shop gives you many options and room for ideas to grow. It also places all the engineering questions you may have such as: “How can we make this work?” Or, “Will this fit and how do we do this?” on their end, not on yours.

Ultimately, the question of, “How much will this all cost?” will come to mind. Your cabinet/millwork professional can help you find an elegant design and cabinet style that meets your budget.

4. Attain Total Confidence

Your vision is really important and it’s the shop representative’s job to ask lots of questions and execute your design. You attain total confidence in their proposal by reviewing two-dimensional shop drawings, finish samples and if requested, three-dimensional renderings, prior to starting fabrication. (Click here to read “8 Signs a Custom Cabinet Shop is Qualified”).

5. Increase Your Certainty

You can introduce your custom cabinet/millwork rep (or company) to your architect, general contractor or interior designer for on-site coordination and execution of your renovation or expansion project.

6. Alleviate Worries or Concerns

Do you have questions or concerns about your cabinetry or millwork? You can always refer back to something stable and grounded: your approved shop drawings, finish samples and 3-D renderings of what the end result will look like.

7. Reduce Fear of Uncertainty

Hiring a professional shop allows you to schedule a time to visit to see things first hand at the shop, or at the minimum, you can always request to see progress photos of the work as it’s being done.

8. You Can Be Content

Trust that your custom cabinet/woodworking shop will handle the shipping, handling, delivery and installation of your project with total white glove service, reducing risk of damage.

This includes strategic storage of your work in your home on top of moving blankets and logically placed drop cloths to protect your floors. They are experts at their craft.

9. You Can Be Rest Assured 

Once they’re done installing, you won’t have to hire a cleaning service because woodworkers consider it very rude and unprofessional to leave dust, debris and fingerprints all over your finished product and in your home.

They will happily clean up after themselves and ready the space for your immediate use.

10. You Can Wax Enthusiastic

When the installation is completed and the crew leaves, you’ll be able to take it all in. The final result is that you’ll be left with your exact vision: the very thing that did not exist many weeks prior and what you paid top dollar to have designed, engineered and produced.

A wave of joy and excitement will fill your soul because you’ll be free to produce and create all while enjoying the final product. You’ll be glad you didn’t settle for something less.

Unique, High-End Cabinetry & Woodworking Projects are Their Specialty

There is more risk to your emotional health and your space by opting for subpar products or solutions that will ultimately compromise your unique design vision and goals.

Over our recent 45 years in the custom cabinetry & woodworking industry (with family history and tradition dating back to around the 1930’s), we have made many homeowners, commercial clients and industry professionals both happy and confident with their purchases by always providing excellent service and top quality products, designed and manufactured to last a lifetime.

Your Next Steps:

If You’re Starting Fresh: We want to make sure your needs are completely taken care of. Call us today for a free consultation at (732) 833-1776.

If Your Project is Already in Progress: If you already have a renovation project underway and you have architectural plans or drawings produced by a designer, don’t hesitate to email them directly to us at estimating@creativeconceptsnj.com to receive a free estimate.

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