6 Ways a Custom Cabinet Shop Can Improve Your Brand

With some customers, all they have is questions, questions, and more questions.

Some of them specialize in asking, “can you do this?” or “how much would ______ cost?”

With custom cabinetry and millwork, it’s no different. If you deliver and install a kitchen for your client, there’s the likelihood that they will ask about cabinetry or millwork for other areas for their house or apartment.

If you don’t have a source for other types of cabinetry and millwork other than kitchen cabinets, what do you do in that instance?

You might appear to be unprepared and unprofessional. If you’ve never experienced this, then that’s a good thing!

The aforementioned bit might not be true for everyone.

Notwithstanding your already outstanding brand, perhaps it could be improved, even just a little bit.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

6 Ways a Custom Cabinet Shop Can Improve Your Brand:

1. Expand Your Operations

There’s more to the home than just the kitchen and bathrooms.

Are you stuck doing the same renovations or remodels? Well, it might be time to update your suppliers, manufacturers and subcontractors.

With a custom cabinet shop, you can start considering all areas of the home or business that require cabinetry.

Get involved with bookcases, wall units, dry or wet bars, bedroom furniture, built-ins, breakfast nooks and banquettes, etc.

The list goes on!

2. Charge a Higher Premium

Custom work is generally more expensive, right?

Although that is true, it depends on the shop, their equipment and their knowledge of materials & finishes.

The idea isn’t to just “charge more money”, however. Let’s not get greedy, here.

The idea is to convey the right message.

Although it’s obvious, high quality and professional care are two keystones that you should be known for.

If you’ve attained this using non-custom options, that’s great. Custom cabinet shops, if they’re any good, make it their business to be professional.

Offering professional products and services is a sign of trustworthiness.

Nevertheless, everyone should know that you have the capability of offering your buyers more bang for their buck.

3. Availability of Options

Cabinet shops and their owners are very resourceful folks.

You should have the ability to offer more, not less, to your valued customers.

Day in and day out, custom shops are quoting projects and getting prices on various materials.

The fact is, these are materials & finishes are often outside of garden variety selections.

In some instances, budgets are of great concern. An experienced shop will be able to suggest an alternative, if needed.

That alternative will likely involve a different material, finish or combination. By selecting a different material & finish, the same or a similar result can be achieved.

If you generally work with companies that only use less than a handful, your availability of options are very limited.

4. Expand Your Customer Base

Let’s face it, there are a lot of customers who have more unique and uncommon requests.

A sad fact is, there’s potential for them to be ignored. This is relative to the more commonly trusted “bread and butter” projects.

A point to consider: some custom cabinet shops make their daily bread producing offbeat, technical orders.

Now, not every shop wants complicated orders. However, if there’s a demand for them, who else is going to produce them?

This is one way you can position yourself above everyone else, for instance.

5. Knowledge, Responsibility & Control

If you know how to drive a car, then it’s logical to assume you’ll be able to responsibly control it, right?

In order to truly be responsible for something in life, such as a child, you need knowledge of how to take care of children, correct?

Well, working hand-in-hand with a custom shop, the owner or shop foreman, you have access to a highly technical & knowledgeable source.

These are people who live and breathe cabinetry, machinery, tools, dust and finishes for a living.

Further evidence of this is a company such as Tink Construction Services who specialize in “Bringing Homes back to Life”. That’s their company slogan.

Michael Grainger, owner of Tink Construction says on their website: “What sets us apart from standard remodelers is the use of our knowledge & experience with new age materials & techniques. Our attention to detail & design methods provide a finished product that cannot be matched for its price.”

Check out their Instagram here: @transformationbytcs

There are many who actually want to know more about options, materials and ways of doing things that cabinet shops are expert at answering.

There are many who appreciate learning new things about materials, finishes and even techniques. They appreciate how to accomplish certain objectives as it ultimately helps their clients and them as business people.

So increase your knowledge, responsibility and control for your clients and their projects.

Your brand will inevitably swell as a result.

6. Soup-to-Nuts Service

It’s annoying when you have to sub out tiny bits of work.

Wouldn’t it be better to hire one, maybe two companies for the bulk of it?

It’s easier to say, “My cabinet shop will handle all of that.”

Not all cabinet shops offer turnkey service, but Creative Concepts of NJ does.

Not only are we a CNC equipped shop with tons of capability, we also offer many other services.

These services include:

  1. Field Dimensions
  2. AutoCad Shop Drawings
  3. 3-D Renderings, if requested.
  4. In-house finishing (staining, painting & clear coating)
  5. In-house steel fabrication* (this is rare.)
  6. We’re a certified Corian fabricator
  7. We work with glass and interior cabinet lighting
  8. We work with King Starboard for outdoor kitchens
  9. All handling & shipping via our truck
  10. Curbside and/or white glove delivery
  11. Installation


If quality over quantity is your game, or even if you want a quantity of quality, then contacting a custom cabinet shop is a really good start.

Creative Concepts of NJ is a company that has existed since 1991 and was started by Tom Jonin who by 18 years of age, created his own cabinet shop in 1976. He picked up a German hand plane by age 10, fascinated by the wood curls. So, he’s been in the game for well over 45+ years. As of today, my brother Tyler and I continue the work and the family tradition.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve been in several commercial settings, high-rise buildings in New York City and Philadelphia, private schools, restaurants, cafes, and many high-end or luxury residential homes & apartments.

Your Next Steps

How do you know if a cabinet shop is qualified? Find out here: 11 Signs a Custom Cabinet Shop is Qualified

Do you need more information on how we can help you or your clients? Check out: 10 Ways Custom Cabinet Shops Help Their Clients with Unique Cabinet & Woodworking Projects

New or Active Projects

Do you need a project estimated and produced? Feel free to send us your ideas, plans, sketches, inspiration photos or whatever you have available.

Email us directly at: estimating@creativeconceptsnj.com


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