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WELCOME to Creative Concepts of NJ’S, “About Us” Page! The source and founding member of the company is Thomas Jonin. This page is here in order to share a little bit about the company’s history and to introduce ourselves to you, the visitor.

The adventure started for Thomas at age 10 (now 62) when he was amazed by the curly wood shavings that he had made whilst using a German made wood plane. Under his father’s tutelage, Tom built and installed his first custom kitchen by the age of 16. Tom went on to establish his own company, JONIN WOODSHOP under his family name back in 1976. While at the same time, taking over the reins of responsibility for the shop from his father in the town of Freehold, New Jersey. Tom has actively been in the business for well over 52 years and counting. His path ultimately lead him to creating a family-owned and operated US based organization (CCNJ.us) with his two sons, Mike and Tyler. Where he continued his family cabinet brand and held steady in producing mid- to high-end fully custom cabinetry & woodwork in larger volume especially and with all new and modern machinery.

Outside of the cabinet business, Tom is an artist through and through. He’s designed countless kitchens, built-ins, bars, wall units, and specialty cabinets, just to name a few. There isn’t much he hasn’t done. In his time, he started his own construction business to expand, remodel, renovate and put additions on homes. He’s rebuilt wooden boats, has redone many a kitchen via cabinet re-facing, and much more. With all of his experience building and designing, he is more like a cabinetry and furniture engineer; one who knows and understands logistically how a cabinet should be built for maximum strength while producing aesthetic results while maintaining structural integrity.

Aside from becoming a professional and master craftsman in more ways than one, he is a seasoned private pilot, a lover of aircraft and a luthier—a creator of high-end musical instruments specifically acoustic guitars (click here to see images). With regard to planes, name a certain model, especially from WW2 and chances are very high that he can tell you all about it; its capabilities, how many guns it has, the size of the engine, what year it was flown, what theater it was based in, etc. Bring up acoustic guitars and tone woods and he could talk for a good while about which types of wood bring out the best sounds, his favorites to work with, best hardware to use, etc.

Mike began his career with his father at an early age, helping around the shop and eventually graduated into building custom cabinetry and furniture under his father’s tutelage which earned him the position of Executive-in-Charge of Marketing & Promotion. He’s a writer, musician, photographer and a graphic artist. All of the newer looking images used throughout this website are a result of his work. A few years back, his band Elevator Art having released several professional sounding records, was quite the hit in Asbury Park, NJ with a steady following. The band got so far as opening for Jefferson Starship. He enjoys writing music, traditional wet lab photography (working with film and darkrooms), traveling and spending time with his family, especially his fiancée and step-daughter. Tyler also began his career much in the same way as his older brother having gone out in the world to discover what it was that he wanted to do only to return to CCNJ to learn under his father’s tutelage to eventually rise in position to become the Production Supervisor.

Tyler – Has always been a builder ever since he could walk and is now the “in-charge” of our Production Division. He is well versed and totally knowledgeable in the use of every tool and piece of equipment that we own. That includes CNC code work and it’s full operation! Properly trained with experience passed onto him from his father and grand-father, Tyler has the complete technical know how and savvy to employ the proper technology in order to build virtually anything! Ever since he was a little kid, he has been fascinated with how things work and how they’re put together. Therefore, mechanical engineering is something that intrigues him greatly. He’s also a soccer player, an avid mountain biker, enjoys fitness and physical challenges such as “Tough Mudder”. He’s also an active gun and rifle enthusiast as well as a happy owner of an Australian cattle dog named Misha. He comes to work with him every day. He’s our shop dog and he’s a talented “cardboard box ripper-upper”.

So we like to ask this question: Who’s building YOUR cabinets?Tom Jonin, Owner, CCNJ

Tom Jonin

Senior Member: estimator, senior technical advisor, qualifications and quality control, company founder

Mike Jonin

Marketing Executive – shop production assistant

Tyler Jonin

Production Supervisor, production division – installation supervisor

Wood is our life! We give back to and help nature!

Want to help with environmental conservation? If so, we believe you’d be happy to know that we’re members of the Arbor Day Foundation and encourage the planting of new trees to give back to the Earth. The Foundation’s purpose is simple: to “..inspire people to plant, nurture and celebrate trees.”

Therefore, whenever an you make a purchase with us, you will receive a Free One-Year Membership with the Foundation and are then eligible to receive 10-Free Trees, sent directly to your home or business for DIY planting! Alternatively, you can elect to have the 10-Free Trees planted by the Arbor Day Foundation itself, courtesy of CCNJ! Click below to find out more.

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