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Creative Concepts of New Jersey LLC is a family owned and operated business that is conveniently located in Jackson, New Jersey (near Six Flags® Great Adventure) equally distanced at approximately 56 miles from both NYC and Philadelphia.

CCNJ was started by owner/executive director Thomas Jonin. It was he, who established his own company under his family name back in 1976 in the town of Freehold (what later became Howell) New Jersey. He's been in the business for over 40 years and counting. Tom took his brand of cabinetry and furniture with him and at a later time, changed things and created a family owned and operated mid to high-end custom cabinetry and furniture company with his two sons, Mike and Tyler. This family owned and operated company is what it is today, Creative Concepts of New Jersey LLC, license number 13VH08697000.

Tom began his career in the art of custom cabinetry, furniture and woodworking within his father's factory at age 7 in the city of Elizabeth, N.J. Thus began his voyage in the field of being both fascinated and intrigued by the curled wood shavings from his father's German made hand plane. As time went on, Tom acquired more and more woodworking skills while working under his father's tutelage.

His wood working and cabinet construction knowledge was tested when he received approval from his father to complete his first full order of one custom kitchen. Confronting the challenge head on, he successfully completed the order much to the client's delight.

Tom went on the accept many more challenges to his career as an entrepreneur and expanded his capabilities in the field and art of hand-made furniture as well as computers, aviation (a life long passion) by earning his pilot's license, writing, volunteer work and the passing of his life-long experience and knowledge to that of his two sons where ultimately, he today holds the position as that of the group's senior member. Additionally, he is the company  estimator, technical director, trainer and qualifications supervisor.

In his spare time, Tom associates with musicians and that of building high-end, top quality acoustic guitars of all types and styles.

The CCNJ facility is located in Jackson, NJ where it houses a berth of manufacturing finesse. Using a mixture of "old world" techniques, such as hand-fabrication, as well as modern technological innovation and machinery, we strive to maintain high professional standards throughout our manufacturing process. Furthermore, it is our purpose as an organization to deliver incredibly high quality products lush with value and unmatched professional services.

Michael began his career with his father at an early age with helping around the shop and eventually ended up assembling and building custom cabinetry and furniture under his father's tutelage which eventually lead him to the position within the group of executive in charge of dissemination.

Tyler also began his career much in the same way as his older brother having gone out in the world to discover what it was that he wanted to do only to return to CCNJ to learn under his father's tutelage to eventually rise in position to being the production supervisor.


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